A Move of God

December 4 – December 25 2016

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Look Up (Christmas Day) – Mark Sayers (Sunday 25/12/16)

A Christmas Day message to “look up”, reflecting on the shepherds and magi in the story of Jesus’ birth.

Renewal in this Day and Age – Mark Sayers (Sunday 18/12/16)

Mark continues our Advent series of A Move of God. What does renewal look like in a time and place where the life script is one of destruction and anxiety?

The Comfort and Conviction in a Move of God – Sarah Deutscher (Sunday 11/12/16)

Sarah speaks from Isaiah 40, a prophetic passage about ‘the disruptive advance of salvation’. As God moves, calling his people to repentance, there is both deep comfort and freeing conviction to be found.

A Move of God – Melody Murton (Sunday 04/12/16)

Advent is about waiting and preparation so that we can respond to a God who is moving today. We look at the parallel stories of Zechariah and Mary in Luke 1 to consider how to respond even when burdened by doubt or disbelief.