Ecclesiastes: Everything you’ve ever wanted

(May 8 – May 22 2016)

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In the search for wisdom, it seems odd to look to an old book that opens with a drastic declaration that everything is meaningless. Yet Ecclesiastes finds itself among a handful of books in the Bible known as the wisdom books, and its author – King Solomon – was well known for both his wisdom-seeking and wisdom-spouting. The pages of Ecclesiastes, mostly filled with life reflections that err on cynical and fatalistic, can seem out of place in the Bible. Nevertheless, its core message is that a life of wisdom and flourishing is found along the path of obedience to God.

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Ecclesiastes 3: Fear God (Sarah Deutscher) Sermon Notes

Final message in our series in Ecclesiastes. What does it actually mean to fear God? Does fear before a Holy God simply mean awe and reverence, or does it involve terror and dread? If the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, then a healthy and true understanding of the fear of God is critical to the foundations of our faith.

Ecclesiastes 2: Seasons (Sarah Deutscher) Sermon Notes

Part 2 of Ecclesiastes: Everything you’ve ever wanted. Sarah speaks about the role of seasons in our lives, and how we can be attentive and responsive to God’s work in every ‘time’ we find ourselves in (Ecclesiastes 3:1-15).

Ecclesiastes 1: Meaningless (Sarah Deutscher) Sermon Notes

The first message in our series Ecclesiastes: Everything you’ve ever wanted. Sarah introduces us to Solomon’s opening musings of everything being meaningless, highlighting our need for wisdom and for meaning in this life that comes from somewhere other than ‘under the sun’.