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Follow Me (2017 series introduction)

These messages kick off 2017 and introduce our year-long overarching theme of Follow Me, building a culture of discipleship at Red Church and beyond. 

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How to Build a Life – Sarah Deutscher (Sunday 26/02/17)

Disciples Begin with the End in Mind – Mark Sayers (Sunday 19/02/17)

Mark looks at Jesus’ interaction with Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-42) to explore one of the foundational aspects of discipleship: beginning with the end in mind. Jesus shows us how to choose the ‘better way’ both for today and the future.

How a Disciple is Called – Sarah Deutscher (Sunday 12/02/17)

For those of us wanting to follow Jesus, how are we hearing and responding to His call to us? Sarah looks at the way some of the disciples responded to Jesus’ call to ‘follow me’ – as well as those who didn’t respond to the call (Luke 9:57-62).

The Disciple’s Will – Mark Sayers (Sunday 05/02/17)

Mark digs deeper into Red’s theme for 2017: Follow Me. What is foundational to discipleship in light of Jesus’ warning in Matthew 7:21-23?

100% Discipleship – Mark Sayers (Sunday 29/1/17)

A discipleship that is all-in. 100%. It’s nothing new – it’s what Jesus has always commissioned his followers in – but how are we to understand and apply true discipleship in this day and age?

The messages from both the 10am and 5pm services are posted here as they each had a different focus for the respective communities.

Keeping in Time with the Kingdom – Sarah Deutscher (Sunday 22/1/17)

What are you using to set your perspective for 2017? Sarah unpacks the ‘closed loop’ of looking to culture to set our expectations and perspectives. Jesus invites us to instead measure and mark our lives by the Kingdom of God.’

Faith – Brittany White (Sunday 15/1/17)

Hope – Brittany White (Sunday 8/1/17)

Britt shares a message on hope: the Bible tells us that we are a people called to hope – but what exactly are we hoping for? And how do we have the kind of hope God calls us to?