Follow Me: I Am Here

10 December – 17 December 2017


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A Glorious Shock – Mark Sayers (17/12/17)

We lose something when Christmas becomes familiar and we are distracted from its true meaning. As we continue Advent, we are reminded of the glorious shock of the Christmas story about a baby coming into the world when least expected.

The Magi and Our Modern Moral Order – Mark Sayers (10/12/17)

As Mark launches our final Follow Me series – I Am Here, Follow Me celebrating Advent; we take a look at how the Magi, in obedience to the Holy Spirit, followed a star to Jerusalem in search a King, fulfilling the promise of the Day of the Lord and challenging the moral order of their time. As we live in a culture of competing moral orders we are challenged to be a people who bow our knee to Jesus, the King who has a different moral order to what our culture tells us.