Follow Me: in Going Out

18 June – 30 July 2017

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A Remnant Called to Mission – Mark Sayers (30/07/17)

Mark concludes the sub-series on mission by looking at how being a ‘remnant’ – a glimpse of God’s kingdom in an increasingly secular society – changes the way we do mission.

God is HERE – Sarah Deutscher (23/07/17)

God needs us to know Him before we get busy doing His work – before mission can come through us, it has to come to us. Sarah opens Isaiah 42 & 43 to look at the way that Jesus brings renewal and breaks our cycles of idolatry and oppression, releasing us to be the witnesses God has created us to be.

Good news in a time when sharing faith is awkward – Mark Sayers (16/07/17)

Mark brings our Mission series into a focus of personal witnessing. When religion is seen as values rather than knowledge, and it is awkward to talk about your faith, how can followers of Christ stand confidently in Jesus as the way, truth and life?

Mission: a Message for the PM Service – Sarah Deutscher (09/07/17 PM)

Sarah brings a word especially for the Red Blackburn 5pm service. Looking at Matthew 22:1-13 she speaks about putting aside activity and busyness to instead wait on God and be dressed properly for the banquet he’s inviting us to.

Wait – Sarah Deutscher (Sunday 09/07/17 AM)

Sarah brings a message about the importance of waiting on God, looking at Matthew 22:1-13.

The Holy Mission of God – Sarah Deutscher (Sunday 02/07/17)

As we seek to understand mission, we must have a true understanding of who God is. Sarah explores the holiness of God and why understanding His holiness – especially in relation to His love and judgement – impacts how we move we forward in mission.

Mission: What on Earth is the Deal with Heaven and Hell? – Sarah Deutscher (Sunday 25/06/17)

Week one of our new sub-series, Follow Me: in going out. Sarah introduces our focus on Mission, which is all about the reconciliation of heaven and earth, bringing back together what God created.

More than Community: God’s Gift of Fellowship – Sarah Deutscher (Sunday 18/06/17)

As we celebrate Hospitality Sunday, Sarah shares a timely and powerful message about the difference between community and fellowship – and why fellowship in Christ is so much deeper, more lasting and more satisfying!