Follow Me: The Way of the Spirit

May 7 – June 4 2017

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Pentecost: the Reverse of Babel – Mark Sayers (04/06/17)

In Genesis 11 we see the way God disrupts humanity’s plans for power at Babel. There is division and frustration. In Revelation 21 we get a glimpse of a future where people, cultures and cities are redeemed and once again united under Christ. And at Pentecost, in Acts 2, we see how the coming of the Holy Spirit undoes the curse of Babel and shapes God’s people for unity and true worship, pointing to the future outlined in Revelation.

The Spirit and the Blazing Love of God – Mark Sayers (Sunday 28/05/17)

The Holy Spirit comes to give us blazing intimacy with Jesus, empowering us to be disciples who know and reflect the full and passionate love of God towards us.

The Promises of the Spirit – Mark Sayers (Sunday 21/05/17)

Continuing in our series Follow Me: the Way of the Spirit, Mark looks at how the ministry of the Holy Spirit throughout the Old Testament points to the ways that the Spirit is at work among God’s people today.

Freedom from Perfectionism – Sarah Deutscher (Sunday 14/05/17)

Romans 8 outlines one of the biggest challenges in following the way of the Spirit: the battle between Spirit and flesh. While the mind governed by the flesh is death, the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace. Sarah shares personally her experience of this battle, and how the Spirit is overcoming perfectionism and control (fruits of the flesh) in her own life.

Following the Wisdom of the Spirit – Mark Sayers (Sunday 07/05/17)

One of the biggest challenges we face is discerning between the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and the wisdom of the age. Mark introduces the next part of our Follow Me series looking at the way of the Spirit, and this week opens 1 Corinthians 2 to explore how we can recognise the way of the Spirit and actively follow it.