Joy to the World

(November 29 – December 20 2015)

Joy to the world. Most of us could probably rattle off the lyrics of that carol without a second thought. But this year, we want to sing it afresh; we want to sing it strong and clear: the Lord is come, and He reigns! The curse is broken! Christ rules the world with love and grace and righteousness, and this Advent, we want to call Red Church into a new, glorious celebration of that truth. We want to listen to what the incomparable Joy of the Lord is speaking into our situations, our relationships, our Church.

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Joy to the World 1: Letting go of the Old, Living in the New (Sunday 29/11/15)

As we begin the season of Advent and celebrate new birth as a Church family (literally and through baptism), we look to Jesus Christ as the perfect ‘new man’ – who has dealt with our old self and invites us to walk in the new. Also this week we hear from Emma, who shares her testimony as part of her baptism,

Joy to the World 2: Reclaiming Ground for Joy (Sunday 6/12/15)

Mark continues our Advent series of Joy to the World, speaking practically about how we can move from fear to joy. There are strongholds against joy in our minds, and this is ground that can be taken back with the freeing and lasting truth of God.

Joy to the World 3: From the Furnance to Holy Fire (Sunday 13/12/15)

Mark contrasts the destructive fire of the world with the consuming fire of the Holy Spirit. We want to avoid hard places – we want a place with no fire – but we are called to step into the fire of God that refines us to bring life. In this we keep in step with the Spirit, who bears in us the fruit of joy.

Joy to the World 4: Why we Need to be Hungry (Sunday 20/12/15)

The final message in our Advent series on Joy to the World. Mark shares that our ‘lack of lack’ is making us a desire-less people. Maybe we don’t have joy sometimes because joy comes from desperately desiring something, and God responding to that lack. Let us move toward being a church filled with purposeful zeal!