Easter 2019

To prepare for Easter as a church community we will be celebrating Lent.

Lent is about Jesus.

It is a season on the Christian Calendar that has been observed by followers of Jesus around the world for centuries. It spans the forty days from Ash Wednesday through to Easter Sunday (6 March to 21 April).

At Red, we believe that Lent is a time to gather as a Church body to focus all aspects of our lives – mind, body, and heart – around the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

To help narrow our focus on Jesus, we are inviting you to participate in the traditions of Daily Readings, Fasting, and Sunday Gatherings. We do this together in unity to recognise that this is More Than Me as we give our lives in submission to Jesus, our King.

Here is how you can participate with us:

Set Readings
We will be participating in set readings through our Lent Booklet: Jesus: The Submitted King throughout the Lenten period as we focus our hearts & minds on what the Bible says about the incredible love and grace that is on display as Jesus lives, loves, dies, and is raised from death. Collect a Booklet from Church on Sundays or download here.

Where readings will focus our hearts & minds, fasting is time to focus our bodies on Jesus. Fasting is the self-denial of something you love to enable you to bond closer with God. Bringing attachments and cravings to the surface opens a place for prayer and connection. The awareness of the emptiness is a reminder to turn, again, to Jesus, allowing Him to fill those areas. This is about actively waiting on God; not just passively hoping He will somehow turn up, but actively seeking Him. It’s about being so desperate for Him that you are willing to give something up for what He has to offer.

Fasting examples include Food, Television, Social Media/Internet, Caffeine or sweets, Radio/Music, Shopping for Non-Essentials, Sleep.

Gathering & Discipleship
Our journey as followers of Jesus was never meant to be done in isolation, so this lent season we invite you to opt-in with others in several ways:

  • Sunday Gatherings: Commit to coming along each Sunday and build a rhythm of expectation for what the Holy Spirit may do in and around you.
  • Discipleship Groups: We encourage you to not only turn up to your group but choose a disciple’s posture of being an active, obedient, courageous and peaceful presence.
  • Triads: If you’re not already in a Discipleship Group, join us at Triad Basics to either connect into a Triad or come with your existing Triad to brush up for the year ahead. Register here.


Go Deeper | fastandpray.org
Finally, if you’re sensing a call from the Holy Spirit to push even deeper, you’re not alone! We’re wanting to press in even further with our lives and are partnering with other churches from we have established strong relationships with from the States during this lent season. We want to commit to a Holy fast, particularly from the idols of our culture as a prophetic posture. Across the four churches we want to fill a 24-hour calendar spanning the 40 days of Lent praying and contending for us, our church, our cities and our world. For more information click here.

In all of this, however you step in, we pray that the eyes of your hearts will be opened as God is drawing people to live spiritually renewed lives centred around Him.

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