August 14 – September 26 2016

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More Than Sermons 7: Finding Victory in the Battle – Mark Sayers (Sunday 25/09/16)

More Than Sermons 6: Give Witness – Sarah Deutscher (Sunday 18/09/16)

More Than Sermons 5: All In – Sarah Deutscher (Sunday 11/09/16)

More Than Sermons 4: Wash Your Soul – Sarah Deutscher (Sunday 04/09/16) Sermon Notes

Confession is like bathing… if you don’t do it regularly, you’ll start to stink. Sarah unpacks this vital, life-giving practice as part of our series in living a victorious Christian life.

More Than Sermons 3: Posture of Praise – Mark Sayers (Sunday 28/08/16) Sermon Notes

This week Mark explores the impact of attitude on living a victorious Christian life – attitude that flows as a response to Christ’s work on the cross. A posture of praise ministers to self and others and is possible through the work of the Holy Spirit.

More Than Sermons 2: Win the Day – Mark Sayers (Sunday 21/08/16) Sermon Notes

Mark shares a simple yet foundational message exploring one of the building blocks of a victorious Christian life: a daily quiet time meeting with God.

More Than Sermons 1: Fully Alive – Mark Sayers (Sunday 14/8/16) Sermon Notes

First of a new series equipping the church to go beyond the foundation of teaching, to living a victorious Christian life. Mark introduces the series by identifying four ways to shift from living a defeated faith to a victorious faith.