Join us for Passover 2019!

We have been celebrating Passover as a church for many years and it continues to be a yearly highlight, giving us a deeper appreciation for the intimate connection between Old and New Testaments, revealing God’s plan of redemption for all mankind which is demonstrated in the Exodus out of Egypt and consummated in Jesus, the Messiah.
For centuries, believers have gathered across tables in homes with the simple practice of sharing a meal in the presence of Jesus. This year we are continuing this practice and including the Passover seder elements to create intimate spaces of gathering, sharing and re-living the Last Supper that Jesus himself experienced before His crucifixion.
We invite you to be a part of Passover on the 18th of April by registering to host or attend in homes across the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

43 Orchard Grove Blackburn South
(Office only – no services)

PO Box 2123 Blackburn South 3130

(03) 9878 1671