October 30 – current

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Cleaning out the Cup – Mark Sayers (Sunday 27/11/16)

Mark shares how God is moving among us at Red Church, in unexpected and powerful ways. As the Holy Spirit moves us to repentance, the Lord is preparing us to be filled to overflowing – the people of God fully alive in Him.

God’s People Alive in Spiritual Gifts – Paul Rayside (Sunday 20/11/16)

Part 4 of the People of God Alive. Paul shares why spiritual gifts are so important for the people of God to be fully alive. Ephesians 4:7-16 exhorts the church to be active in God’s gifts to grow up the church in maturity and steadfastness, unswayed by the world.

Walking in the Opposite Spirit – Mark Sayers (Sunday 13/11/16)

The People of God Alive 3. Mark opens up the account of James and John wanting to be on Jesus’ right hand, to explore what it means to be the people of God without the ‘worm’ of pride and self-preservation.

The Hope, Power & Riches Found in God’s People – Mark Sayers (Sunday 06/11/16)

Part two of The People of God Alive. We look at Paul’s exhortation to the body of believers in Ephesians 1:18-23 to see how we are called to a powerful hope, not just for ourselves but for the world.

Disconnected and Dissatisfied: Why We Need the Body – Mark Sayers (Sunday 30/10/16)

Part 1 of The People of God Alive. Mark introduces this series with a passage from Haggai 1:3-9 to look at how individual faith, disconnected from the Body, is unsatisfying and unfruitful. In being the living people of God, Matthew 16:13-23 hints at the importance of acting with the things of God in mind rather than man, and stewarding the authority that comes with being God’s people.