Equipping churches to flourish
in secular environments

Many churches, leaders and believers are grappling with the issues presented by an increasingly secular society.

The challenges are real and there is a temptation to lose hope. However, it’s key to remember that throughout the Church’s history, it is at moments of challenge that the most exciting moves of God break out.

Even in the most secular of environments, there are churches that are flourishing. What is common to these churches are the following building blocks:

Rebuilders will be creating training seminars and events which equip churches to flourish in secular contexts by creating strong foundations out of these building blocks.

On September 1 and 2 2017, we launched Rebuilders with two seminars on the building block of Discipleship, with church and ministry leaders from around Australia learning together what it is to follow Jesus today and form and multiply strong disciples.

Session Recordings

Listen to sessions from Rebuilders 2017 below, or click the Rebuilders logo next to a session to download it.

From Friday September 1: Discipleship in a Secular Culture

From Saturday September 2: How to Live the Way of Jesus


John Mark Comer

John Mark Comer is the Pastor for Teaching and vision at Bridgetown Church, Portland Oregon, one of the least-churched cities in America. He is passionate about discipleship and formation in secular progressive contexts and is an internationally sought after teacher on discipleship today. John Mark has a master’s degree in biblical and theological studies from Western Seminary and is the author of Loveology, My Name is Hope, Garden City and God Has a Name.

Mark Sayers

Mark is the Senior Pastor of Red Church. He is also a cultural commentator, writer, and speaker who is highly sought out for his unique and perceptive insights into faith and contemporary culture. Mark is the author of six books, including Disappearing Church and Strange Days.  Mark lives in Melbourne with his wife, Trudi, and their three children.

Sarah Deutscher

Sarah is the Executive Pastor at Red Church and is deeply passionate about authentic discipleship in today’s world, and the formation of leaders who can be empowered and equipped to lead in today’s unique cultural climate. She has a background in both marketing and theology and is intrigued by the way the two intersect. Sarah spends her time running a church, training leaders and speaking into culture and discipleship.

 They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of His splendour. They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated.

Isaiah 61:4

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