Equipping churches to flourish
in secular environments

Many churches, leaders and believers are grappling with the issues presented by an increasingly secular society.

Leadership Training Conference

On Saturday 18 August 2018, we held our Rebuilders Conference on Leadership Training, featuring Dr. Terry Walling and Mark Sayers – Senior Leader, Vision & Teaching. These sessions were recorded and are available for download:

It is true that everything rises and falls on leadership. Whether that be how you lead your own life, your family, a group, church or organisation. The increasing challenges of our secular society are eroding the development of strong, formed and resilient leaders and the church in-particularly is crying over a ‘leadership draught;’ people both with the ability to navigate and lead people through the challenges of our day and with the character and formation required for the task.

Terry Walling has spent over 40 years researching Christian leadership development and 30 years training and developing leaders. He is highly renowned as an expert in the field and has been behind the coaching and development of a wide variety of risk-taking, break-through leaders around the world. With a sound understanding of formation, the inner-life of the leader and the patterns and processes God uses in the development of a leader, Terry helps people to navigate where they are at, gain clarity on their life situation and make the right decisions to discover and walk into their unique contribution.

In all his years of training and developing leaders Terry’s greatest discovery is that the personal renewal of leaders leads to a renewal in a church and or organisation.


About Rebuilders

Rebuilders is an initiative started by Red Church to help Churches, leaders, and believers grapple with the issues presented by an increasingly secular society. We firmly believe God is preparing to move and is rebuilding His Church with particular building blocks to enable her to flourish in a post-Christian, secular world. These blocks include:

WORD: a high view of scripture which leads to life in the kingdom, orienting our place in God’s salvation history

SPIRIT: Grounded in the word are also Spirit-led: mobilised, empowered and dependent in and on the Spirit

CULTURE: can articulate, interpret and speak prophetically into contemporary culture

LEADERSHIP: have a leadership that is deeply formed and able to lead oneself, others and other leaders

DISCIPLESHIP: are equipped in showing their people how to follow Jesus, and forming deep disciples and leaders

MISSION: advancing the gospel throughout our neighbourhoods, cities and the nations

MOVEMENT: multiplying disciples, leaders, and churches; fulfilling the great commission

Rebuilders run annual training seminars to equip churches to flourish in secular contexts by creating strong foundations out of these building blocks. For more information contact red@redchurch.org.au


Terry Walling

Terry resides in Chico, California and is the founder of LeaderBreakThru, a training and coaching organisation that focuses on the development of resources and processes that train, develop and multiply leaders. He is a highly sort after coach, lecturer, and speaker in the specialised field of leadership development. He teaches in several Doctor of Ministry programs throughout North America. He also currently serves an Adjunct Professor at Fuller Theological Seminary and is the Director of their  D. Min Mentoring Program. Terry is married to Robin and has three children and eight grandchildren.

 They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of His splendour. They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated.

Isaiah 61:4

Questions? Contact red@redchurch.org.au