Sunday Messages

6 September – 18 October 2015

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These messages come in-between sermon series at Red Church. They feature guest and apprentice speakers, as well as regular teaching pastors from Red Church.

Listen to sermons below, or click the Red logo next to a sermon to download it. 

Sunday 6 September Mark shares a Fathers Day message based on the parable of the prodigal son.

Sunday 13 September Bjorn shares from Galatians to unpack why many Christians don’t necessarily connect their life of faith with a life of freedom, and how when we truly understand that Jesus + Nothing = Everything, we can worship God with true freedom and joy.

Sunday 20 September David’s beautiful writings in Psalm 63 present three invitations for followers of Christ to go deeper: into personal relationship with God, to find true joy in Him, and to be absolutely dependent on Him.

Sunday 11 October Paul starts with the story of the Good Samaritan to talk about our need for an ongoing ‘conversion of our eyes’, and how the shifts in both our circles of concern and circles of influence have created new challenges as disciples of Christ.

Sunday 18 October Are we losing our sense of wonder? Why is it necessary for God’s people to be people of wonder and delight? Melody highlights the things that are threatening our ability to recognise and express wonder, and shows that there is so much more at stake than our own feelings of exhilaration.