Sunday Messages

January 2016

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These messages come in-between sermon series at Red Church. They feature guest and apprentice speakers, as well as regular teaching pastors from Red Church.

Listen to sermons below, or click the Red logo next to a sermon to download it. 

Future Glory (Bjorn Irani) – Sunday 03/01/2016

In our first service for 2016, Bjorn shares a message on what’s ahead: the future glory we have in Christ (Romans 8:18-23). When we know the victory we have in the end, it changes how we look at things now.

Forgiveness without Limit (Melody Murton) – Sunday 10/01/2016

As we begin a new year, we must look to the One who makes all things new, and follow His patterns for renewal. Melody shares how forgiveness – that which we receive and give – is central to participating in God’s Kingdom work, and how in Christ we are taught and enabled to forgive without limit.

Living Well in Exile (Sarah Deutscher) – Sunday 17/01/2016

As ‘citizens of heaven’ (Philippians 3:20), we find ourselves living in a world that is not really our home. Sarah looks to God’s instructions to the Israelites in exile (Jeremiah 29) to explore how we too are called to live well in a place that we don’t really belong to.

Home Truths (Pete Evans) – Sunday 24/01/16

Peter Evans, pastor of the growing Red Outer East service, shares some ‘home truths’ he’s learnt over the last six years. Pete shares some of the ways he has personally seen God at work at Red thus far, and in doing so looks forward in anticipation as the church continues to grow in vision and reach.

Lost Sheep, a Ghost Boy and God’s Unrelenting Love for Us (Mark Sayers) – Sunday 31/01/2016

Mark speaks about Jesus as the Shepherd, who goes out to seek and save the lost sheep. How Christ sees life where we may not, and reaches out to those we may see as furthest away from him–and us.