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It’s our prayer that these supplement, rather than replace, your presence in your own local church and your submission to the leaders that God has placed around you for your spiritual growth.

Current Series

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Love Like Waves: Destroying the Authority Attached to Chaos – Sarah Deutscher (12/08/18 PM)

This week Sarah Deutscher gives us a diagnosis of how we’ve ended up as a generation with a worldview based on Individualism and Secular Humanism. How the two combined have shaped and formed us to think that we’re on the throne,  that we can flourish without God. Yet, there is a tremendous chaos within us and unprecedented levels of anxiety more than ever before. Sarah shares from Haggai 1: 2-6 and like the Israelites, we need a new vision, understanding and definition of who God is. That is is through sanctification, He wants to bring newness into your life, returning your trust to the Holy King.

Love Like Waves: From Lost to a Renewed Generation – Mark Sayers (05/08/18 PM)

We’ve hit a pivotal moment in our Mid-East PM Service, sensing the Lord asking us to push into a breakthrough moment – feeling that His love is coming like a powerful wave; to cleanse, heal and refine us. This week, Mark kicks-off this sermon series for our 5 PM Service about moving from a lost generation to a renewed generation.

The Master and His Apprentice – Bjorn Irani (05/08/18 AM)

How do we live a kingdom life when we aren’t socially conditioned for kingdom living? This week, Bjorn recognises that we aren’t meant to do this alone.  He shares some disciplines highlighted in one of his favourite movies in the art of mentoring and discipleship.

Reflecting the image of our Creator – Brittany White (29/07/18 PM)

This week, Brittany White speaks from Colossians 3:1-10 of how we are raised inChrist, not of earthly things. That when we put to death our earthly nature, we put on our new self, made in the image of the creator.

How God uses Our Past to Shape our Future – Mark & Trudi Sayers (22/07/18 PM)

Pete Greig says “God sometimes identifies something in our history that He wants to release in your destiny”. In week 2 of our new sermon series: Walking the Kingdom Life, Mark and Trudi Sayers speak about how God is at work in His Kingdom and how He is at work in your life. We hear some insights from how God has been doing this in Trudi’s life in their recent travels to Ireland.

Walking the Kingdom: Hearing the voice of the King – Mark Sayers (15/07/18 PM)

Many say they want to encounter the kingdom of God, but find ourselves lost at sea not being able to recognize the voice of God. As we kick-off our new sermon series: Walking the Kingdom Life, Mark takes us through five practical ways of learning to listen to the voice of the King.

Recent Sermons

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The Presence Paradigm – Mark Sayers (08/07/18 AM)

Upon his return from Sabbatical, Mark shares at our combined Mid-East and Outer East AM Service. We are at an interesting moment and in many ways ‘the church’ is up against an insurmountable mountain, where the growth of antagonism towards faith. We increasingly see a world and culture in crisis. However, in this cultural moment, there is an incredible sense of hunger for God’s presence growing in people. There is a desire to see God move and for God’s presence to do something new.  Mark shares how renewal, revival, and rediscovery comes when we personally encounter the presence of God.

Practicing Sabbath 6:1 – Ryan Wallis (2/07/18 AM)

In the wrap up to our sermon series: The Living Presence, Ryan Wallis speaks about how Sabbath was made for man, not man for Sabbath. That we need to be active in finding rest and when we do this; we hear the unique flavour of God’s voice. Ryan shares five ways we can practice Sabbath 6:1.

Jesus – The Living Presence – Brittany White (17/6/18 PM)

Britt shares two encounters from the Gospel of John to talk about Jesus as the living presence of God. When we encounter Jesus, he always meets us with grace, mercy and an invitation to new perspective and a greater vision – of both ourselves and him.

God Loves Us, But Does He Like Us? – Bjorn Irani (17/6/18 AM)

So far in our series on The Living Presence, we’ve talked a lot about how good it is for us to be in God’s presence. This week Bjorn flips things around to ask if it’s good for God to be in our presence – we know He loves us, but does He like us?

The Living Image – Sarah Deutscher (10/6/18)

Sarah speaks on Psalm 8, encouraging us to notice and receive God’s presence in new ways – through children and through work. Even in the midst of a vast and incredibly created universe that declares God’s glory, it is humanity that God has chosen to bear His image and thus carry His presence.

Prince. Avenger. Judge. Fugitive – Peter Evans (3/6/18)

In the space of 12 verses in Exodus, Moses goes from a Prince to avenger, judge, and finally, a fugitive. His story teaches us that what lies beneath the surface matters, and that it’s solitude that God converts us.

Have You Noticed?  – Ryan Wallis (27/05/18)

This week, our Apprentice Minister Ryan Wallis shares from John 12:15-18. He speaks of how God is not a God of

coincidences, that when you pray and things start to happen or change. As the above passage declares, God is for us and Ryan encourages us to be awakened to where God is at work in your lives.

The Trinity in the Living Presence – Sarah Deutscher (2o/05/18)

We are in the third week of our series “The Living Presence” where there is a beautiful and gentle work that God is wanting to do at Red, learning how to be in His presence. As we celebrate Pentecost, Sarah speaks about the Holy Trinity and how we cannot understand the presence of God, if we do know who He is.

God’s Presence – No Agenda – AM Service: Bjorn Irani (13/05/18)

Sitting with Eli – PM Service: Brittany White (13/05/18)

An Invitation to Encounter His Presence – Sarah Deutscher (06/05/18)

What if we’re working really hard to get what we already have?  As we start our new sermon series: The Living Presence, Sarah shares as Mark commences his sabbatical, God is also inviting our church to enter into a time of Sabbath rest. She speaks of how there’s so much that He wants to do for you… for us.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be looking at how to encounter the Presence of God; to experience stillness, peace and rest in Him despite the cultural climate we live in.

Moving from Cultural Christianity to Contending – Mark Sayers (29/04/18)

It’s Mark’s last Sunday before he starts his sabbatical.  In his sermon, he reflects on the journey of Red, moving from fragility to stability. As we enter into a new season of growth, Mark gives us a diagnosis of how cultural Christianity inhibits growth in our walk with Jesus.  He encourages us to no longer tolerate mediocre faith, to start contending for more of God and more of His Spirit.

Discipleship: A Force that Can Change the World – Bjorn Irani (15/04/18)

At our AM Service, Bjorn Irani speaks from Matthew 28:18- 20 and what Discipleship means for Red in following Jesus. Bjorn encourages us to become more like Christ through the practices of discipleship as it is the heart of our vision as a church and a pursuit to be more like Him.

A Call to Rewrite the Script of Our Culture – Brittany White (15/04/18)

As part of Red’s vision statement, Discipleship is living with and following Jesus as He shows us how to live the best life.  This week at our PM Service, Brittany White invites us to reimagine and step into what God speaks over our generation.

When God Gives Us More of Him – Mark Sayers (08/04/18

After celebrating Easter and in the lead-up to Pentecost,  Mark speaks about how we as Christians can find ourselves in a tension between obedience and worship, as well as confusion, lack of clarity and doubts. He encourages us to no longer tolerate mediocre faith, but to let our dismay, doubts, and dissatisfaction create a Holy discontent – a desire for more of God because He wants to give us more of Him.

God Shows us His Heart on the Cross – Mark Sayers (30/03/18)

On Good Friday, we remember Jesus on the Cross, His vulnerability of rawness begins to expose who we really are and what we did to Him.  Despite this, we are not met with judgment and wrath, Jesus takes all of the this on Himself. He died on the cross in The Way Through the Wild which reveals that God loves us. It’s an undeserving love but God still embraces us looking the shortfall of humanity square in the eye.

The God of Act 2 – Mark Sayers (1/04/18)

We celebrate The Risen King! The world begins again through the sacrifice of His Son, who has paid all of our debts. The God of Act 2 encourages us to not be afraid, go and spread the good news.

You Have a Will – Sarah Deutscher – (25/03/18)

This week Sarah speaks about our will and how it can only be in alignment with God’s will through prayer, trust, submission, and obedience.

The Power of the Tongue – Sarah Deutscher (18/03/18)

Your words shape your world! This week, Sarah speaks about the power of the tongue. She gives us a number of antidotes using the example of Jesus, who knew when and when not to speak, and when He did speak, His words brought healing.

The Freedom of Simplicity – Mark Sayers (11/03/18)

This week, Mark shares how the practice of simplicity is being emptied in order to be filled again by His will and His Heart and how calling is found being in close proximity to God, which can we can only do when we live simply.

Secrecy: Counter-Cultural Training for the Soul – Ryan Wallis (04/03/18)

This week, we hear from Ryan Wallis, Red Apprentice Minister who speaks from Luke: 6:45. Ryan shares how we need a healthy hidden space, as God wants to bring us in vertical alignment with Him. Secrecy cannot coexist with pride, it empties us of pride and allows us to flourish.

Solitude and the Healing of our Divided Hearts – Mark Sayers (25/02/2018)

This week, Mark shared about Jesus’ time alone in the wilderness. He quotes Blaise Pascal: “The sole cause of a man’s unhappiness is that he does not know how to stay quietly in his room.” Pascal shows us that solitude reveals our fallen hearts, torn between madly diverting ourselves from own lostness and our desire for the lost Eden.  Thus, we cycle between restless distractions and distracted resting.

The Anointing Rides on Obedience – Mark Sayers (18/02/18)

This week, Mark kicks-off our new Lenten series: The Way through the Wild. He speaks about how Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, was led into the wilderness and tempted by the devil. Although Jesus was the Son of God, He was an obedient son, and the Father’s word was his meat and drink.  He resisted temptation without the benefit of His own omnipotence, showing himself to be the perfect obedient man.

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