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It’s our prayer that these supplement, rather than replace, your presence in your own local church and your submission to the leaders that God has placed around you for your spiritual growth.

Current Series

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God’s revelation in a time of information overload – Mark Sayers (10/09/17)

In a wrap-up of the sub-series creating a discipleship-rich environment, Mark teaches us how to understand from a biblical perspective, what we should be listening to in a time of information overload.

Wisdom in an age of information overload – Mark Sayers (10/09/17)

This week Mark shared from James 3:5-12.  How we use our tongue is reflective of our inner world and is deeply connected to our spiritual discipleship. He shared with us the Wisdom Pyramid by Brett McCracken, which like a food group pyramid this tool helps us to balance our knowledge intake with how we spend our time, which then overflows into how we speak.

Practices of Silence and Solitude – John Mark Comer (3/09/17)

In the chaos of the urban, digital age, it’s easier than ever before to “gain the whole world, and yet lose your soul.” In our Mid-East AM Service, John Mark takes us through how to stay emotionally and spiritually alive and awake through practicing the way of silence and solitude for apprenticeship to Jesus.

Interview about discipleship with John Mark Comer  – Mark Sayers (3/09/17)

At our Mid-East PM Service this week, Mark interviews John Mark Comer about what discipleship looks like for him and his ministry.

Reframing Reality – Mark Sayers (27/08/17)

Mark speaks about how living in a world that never challenges an individual’s will can create a false reality and challenges us to seek a spiritual reality that is beyond a traditional understanding.

Shaping a discipleship-rich environment in action – Red Apprentice Ministers (20/08/17)

Mark invites the Red Apprentice Ministers as his panel of speakers, who share their up-close and personal journey about ministry and how they’ve been shaped by a discipleship-rich environment.

Giving oxygen to what God wants to grow in you – Mark Sayers (13/08/17)

Mark continues our series in creating a discipleship-rich environment with a practical look at putting strategies in place to grow in Christlikeness.

Creating a Discipleship-Rich Environment – Mark Sayers (06/08/17)

Mark starts our new Follow Me sub-series: Creating a Discipleship-Rich Environment. When the environment is against your flourishing as a follower of Jesus, you need a plan to change your environment.

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