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It’s our prayer that these supplement, rather than replace, your presence in your own local church and your submission to the leaders that God has placed around you for your spiritual growth.

The nature of resilient disciples: Building meaningful relationships – Mark Sayers (01/12/19 AM)

Resilient disciples prioritise relationships, community and belonging rather than submitting to culture’s tenet of idolising personal autonomy. Mark, through Ephesians 4, highlights that when we draw close to Christ, we learn to operate out of the new self – this posture fosters deeper relationships and community, illuminating the His presence with us.

The nature of resilient disciples: Cultural discernment – Mark Sayers (24/11/19 AM)

Resilient disciples are able to observe culture and orient themselves through abiding in the word and spirit. Mark continues in the book of Daniel, illuminating the ways in which Daniel was able to bless those that marginalised him by operating in wisdom and discernment that came from abiding in God alone.

The nature of resilient disciples: Intimacy with Jesus – Mark Sayers (17/11/19 AM)

Resilient disciples are marked by a posture of resolve; a resolve that sees us seek, reside and flourish in intimacy with Jesus. Mark explores this alongside Daniel 1 which details an individual who, in the face of cultural coercion, resolves to follow God’s way.

Faith for Exiles: The line in the sand – Mark Sayers (10/11/19 AM)

Opening our series, Faith for Exiles, Mark posits that we are at a threshold moment where the church, both locally and globally, must step into living as resilient disciples. In light of both the Barna group’s research into faith and culture and the story of David and Goliath, Mark reminds us of the hope we have in a God who bigger than what seem like the giants of our time.

Jesus and the Five Thousand– Bethany Allen (03/11/19 AM)

Facing rejection and grief Jesus retreats from the busyness of his work to find a quiet place to be alone. When he gets there he’s faced, not by silence, but by need. 

What can we as modern disciples of Jesus learn from one strange story of how Jesus turns a little bit of food into a lot more?

Fractures to Wholeness – Brittany White (27/10/19 PM)

Brittany explores James 1 & the idea that our circumstances are the meeting place of Jesus, where are lives are transformed from brokenness to beauty. 

The Energy Crisis – Mark Sayers (20/10/19 AM)

As the world’s energy resources are an increasing cause of riots and chaos across nations, so too are our hearts when our energy and security is found in anything other than the ultimate power source – God’s presence.

The pivotal moment that preceed renewal – Mark Sayers (13/10/19 AM)

Psalm 77 opens with the Psalmist in lament and chaos but a turning point sees the psalmist turn to praise. Mark invites us to see that renewal of our often chaotic inner worlds requires us to stop, turn and allow God to fight our battles as we praise and remember Him for who He is and what he does.

Thirsty nation, thirsty people – Sarah Deutscher (06/10/19 AM)

This week we dwell in Isaiah 55 looking at it from both the context of exile and also today’s physical and spiritual drought that has hit Australia.

We are reminded of God’s heart and God’s sovereignty, his beckoning for people to return to Him and how He works wonders turning a super drought into a super bloom.

Encountering the Word – Mark Sayers (29/09/19 AM)

In order to become resilient disciples in this culture, Mark reminds us that we are called to be people who carry the word in our hearts, to encounter the revelation of Jesus daily through the living and active word and to dwell in its life and truth.

The Way of the Heart – Sarah Deutscher (22/09/19 AM)

Seeds hold identity and promise of growth and multiplication. In a time where everything is immediate and life’s pace is frenetic, Mark invites us to consider the metaphor of the seed in how God transports His plans for renewal across space and time.

Carriers of hidden seeds in a time of renewal – Mark Sayers (15/09/19 PM)

Seeds hold identity and promise of growth and multiplication. In a time where everything is immediate and life’s pace is frenetic, Mark invites us to consider the metaphor of the seed in how God transports His plans for renewal across space and time.

Seeds, harvests and the second half of life – Sarah Deutscher (08/09/19 PM)

It turns out that just as there is a process in the created order, there is a process in how God develops our identity and prepares us for a fruitful life. This week we explore one of Jesus’ greatest statements regarding this and unpack the ways in which He is at work within us, both as individuals as well as corporately, as He prepares us for a new season.

How to be ready for the next move of God – Mark Sayers (01/09/19 PM)

Just as the anointing passed from Saul to David, an unknown man but one who was ‘after God’s own heart’, Mark reminds us that God is still looking for people who are aligning with His heart in the hidden places – calling and forming them to be part of the ‘new thing’ that He is doing.

Pride, humility and Jesus’ easy yoke – Sarah Deutscher (25/08/19 PM)

This week Sarah explores how the human condition is plagued by both pride and self-hatred. Revealing the genesis of this we are also reminded of the antidote that is available to us now as we learn from Jesus and his easier yet world changing way.

Prophesy: what it is & how God uses it –  Mark Sayers (18/08/19 PM)

Through clarifying Old and New Testament perspectives of prophesy, Mark sets out practical steps in how to grow and operate in the prophetic for the building of the church and glorifying of Jesus.

Faith every day, in front of others – Ryan Wallis (11/08/19 PM)

AM service pastor, Ryan, unpacks the misconceptions around how to share your faith with others and the reality that, the way we choose to operate inside the church will become how we live outside the church.

Blessing: The Language of the Kingdom – Mark Sayers (04/08/19 AM)

The people of God are called to be a community of blessing. When we bless others, we walk in the opposite spirit, aligning our hearts, minds and lives with God’s Kingdom reality.

Hearing God – Brittany White (28/07/19 PM)

Brittany reminds us of God’s desire to manifest himself to us every day & explores what it looks like to create space to listen for His whisper.

Building a renewal culture of worship – Mark Sayers (21/07/19 PM)

In an age of unrelenting distraction, we are invited to the counter cultural posture of worship; where our time is recaptured, our vision for God’s kingdom is built and atmospheres are changed.

Operating in the power of the Spirit’s presence – Ryan Wallis (14/07/19 AM)

Ryan discusses how our normal mode of operation as ‘Ordinary Christians’ is to be walking in the power of the presence which is born from our personal relationship with God.

The Spirit comes to unlock radical generosity – Mark Sayers (07/07/19 AM)

When God gives us vision, we are called to step in, in obedience, to Kingdom living. This life is a life of adventure where Heaven and Earth are united and funded by generosity.

Receive to release – Brittany White (30/06/19 PM)

In opening our new series: More Than Me: Every Day, we are reminded that we are not just called to follow Jesus but, with Holy Spirit, we can minister like him. We take His presence out into the world to minister in compassion, mercy and goodness.


Heaven comes to earth so we can take ground – Mark Sayers (16/06/19 PM)

We take ground for the Kingdom when we operate in the opposite spirit; embracing heaven’s truth, speaking heaven’s words and worshipping heaven’s way. Our bodies and lives, when sacrificed to Holy Spirit, enable Heaven to be released on Earth.

Why the Spirit Comes – Mark Sayers (09/06/19 AM)

At Pentecost the Spirit came bringing new life out of the raw material of humanity; birthing a new creation, a new kind of human and a new church.

Triad Study Notes

Rediscovering life in the presence of Holy Spirit – Brittany White (02/06/19 PM)

This week, Brittany reminds us that we have met and know Holy Spirit yet there is more we are seeking and more to discover as we ask to be filled once again and return to our first love of Jesus and encounter the affirming love of the Father.

Handbrakes on the Holy Spirit – Bjorn Irani (26/05/19 PM)

This week Bjorn looks at some of the blockages that can put the handbrakes on us receiving more of the Holy Spirit.

Triad Study Notes

He comes bearing gifts – Sarah Deutscher (19/05/19 AM)

This week Sarah explores God’s heart for His Church and that He is not after a few anointed individuals, He is after an anointed Church. Looking through the prism of the body, we see how each and every person has a vital part to play. There is a slight twist at the end as we are invited into a specific posture to heed the work the Spirit is doing amongst us.

Expecting More – Jo Evans (11/05/19 AM)

Jo Evans explores the moment of encounter when Jacob wrestles with God at Penial and the postures required by those seeking God for more.

Triad Study Notes

There is More – Sarah Deutscher (05/05/19 PM)

Sarah commences our new series exploring the Holy Spirit and sets the scene regarding the vitality behind the Holy Spirit’s heart and role to us as a Church.

Whilst exploring the various extremes that can come into play we are reminded of a thirst we have for MORE and the God behind the thirst who longs to give us more.

Resurrection: The place where Heaven meets Earth – Mark Sayers (21/04/19 AM)

Jacob’s dream of a thin place where Heaven and Earth again unite is answered and magnificently expanded in the resurrection of Jesus.

Jesus the Submitted King – Sarah Deutscher (19/04/19 AM)

As we reflect on the final week of Christ’s life, Sarah focuses on the Submission of our King, the extraordinary act it was and the way in which it opens up a whole new way of life for each of us as we seek to be restored and to follow Him.

The Submitted King: The direction of your life – Ryan Wallis (14/04/19 PM)

AM service Pastor, Ryan, unpacks how the direction you fix your eyes will define the course of your life. Through examining the Apostle Paul’s words, we see a clear call to set a direction which leads us towards unity with the power and presence of God.

Kingdom Paths – Brittany White (07/04/19 PM)

Brittany explores Isaiah 43 as it reveals and uncovers the ways God desires to forge new pathways for his presence in unexpected places.

Spiritual knowledge forms in personal relationship with God – Mark Sayers (31/03/19 PM)

Where the West separates knowledge and beliefs, Jesus invites us to live the life of the Kingdom, where the two, ‘mind and heart are inextricably linked’. The spiritual knowledge of God’s Kingdom is discovered when you commit to it, seek it and dwell in it.



Lent: Celebrating in the cost – Bjorn Irani (24/03/19 AM)

This week Bjorn looks at the high cost of discipleship.  However, this is something to celebrate as we pray and fast through lent.


Faith in the opposite spirit – Mark Sayers (17/03/19 PM)

As we fast and pray during Lent, the hunger of our body and spirit is for what is lost.  We ache for Eden where God’s righteousness reigned. In Luke’s account of Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness, Jesus demonstrates how to walk in the opposite spirit when we are met with trials and temptations, even when we are at our most vulnerable. Mark encourages us to walk in the opposite spirit because it is not just about us as individuals but it is about interceding on behalf of our broken world.

Splitting the Atom – Joshua Butler (02/03/19 AM)

Drawing the four week series to a close, Joshua Butler reminds us that there is an ‘organic unity to the human race’, that we are not only created ‘for one another but from one another’.  When we pursue holiness, we invite the temple presence of God to return to humanity.

Living a life of overflow – Mark Sayers (24/02/19 PM)

The information we acquire, the experiences we gain, the things we consume, the people we are surrounded by, all fill the vessel of our inner lives. Whatever we fill our hearts with will overflow from us.

Mark shares Joel 2’s image of lives overflowing with new wine and grain, enough to satisfy, which is poured out when God’s people consecrate their lives to Him and His purposes. As we approach the season of Lent, the invitation is to seek the Spirit as the primary input in our lives through a posture of ‘serious prayer’ and fasting.

The power of praise in an era of distraction – Mark Sayers (17/02/19 PM)

In our time of countless distractions that can lead us to despair or destruction, the Word consistently points us to adopt a posture of praise. Mark reminds us that worship is focus. It demands our heart, mind and thoughts are all directed in praise to God. As our focus is reoriented to Christ in praise, we become more like He who we gaze upon.

Living and worshipping in the overlap between Heaven & Earth – Mark Sayers (10/02/19 PM)

Unpacking the current disconnect in Western society between the spiritual and physical, Mark reminds us of the message of 1 Peter 2 that we are ‘living stones’ being built into a ‘spiritual house’. As the church and disciples of Jesus, we are invited to be living as a bridge between heaven and earth.

Vision Sunday AM – Ryan Wallis (04/02/19 AM)

AM service Pastor Ryan unpacks the propensity of the human heart to trust either in our own strength or on the tangible things of this world.

In looking ahead to what God has in store for 2019 – the encouragement is to focus only on God so we can experience a Church marked by followers of Jesus leading flourishing and meaningful lives.

Vision Sunday PM – Brittany White (04/02/19 PM)

God’s call for this generation to Come Alive! 
Transformed by His love to be a people whose lives paint this city with colour, light, joy & hope, leaving Kingdom trails in their wake.

God’s imagination is bigger than your imagination – Mark Sayers (27/01/19 AM)

God saves us to change us. Sweeping us up into his plans to reshape us in Christlikeness. In this teaching Mark, through exploring the life of Moses, shows us how God works in our lives – changing and remaking us.

Entering the Psalms – Brittany White (20/01/19 AM)

Britt invites us to step into the Psalms, to dwell, seek and find wisdom for faith and life. Reclaiming and reminding us that the prayers, poems and songs found in those pages are designed to be our own as we proclaim God’s Kingdom, here and now, as the people of God have done for generations. 


A Testimony of Joy for 2019 – Bjorn Irani (13/01/19 AM)

Bjorn discusses Paul the Apostle’s instructions to be ‘joyful always’ as followers of Jesus, and how this can be a testimony to a western culture that desperately needs joy.


Prepare for Growth – Ryan Wallis (06/01/19 AM)

Apprentice minister Ryan unpacks what biblical success looks like and how to posture ourselves for God’s growth, in our lives, this year.

Advent: A Construction Story – Mark Sayers (23/12/18 AM)

After reading from Luke 2, Mark explores why the birth of Jesus isn’t the end of the story. The Christmas story, he suggests, reveals to us that God is a God of process and each of us, as followers of Christ, are participants in His work of construction.

Advent: Arise, shine – Ryan Wallis (16/12/18 PM)

Ryan unpacks the Isaiah 60 promise of God that His light will rise over His gathered people, and how we are called to reflect that Glory in both the miraculous and the mundane.

Advent: Returning to King Jesus – Brittany White (09/12/18 PM)

Brittany explores Isaiah 6 as it reminds us of the call for every generation to return to the King to be awoken to see, hear & understand the hope that He brings.

Advent: Wake Up! The King is coming – Bjorn Irani (02/12/18 AM)

This week Bjorn looks at our first reading for Advent 2018, where the Apostle Paul calls us to wake up from our slumber, because the King here and the King is coming again.

You are what you worship – Sarah Deutscher (25/11/18 AM)

Reflecting on St Iraneus quote ‘The Glory of God is man fully alive,’ Sarah takes us through the biblical concept of worship, idols and the glory of God.

Narrowing in on today’s biggest idol she gives us Christ’s keys to freedom and releases us to be his true image bearers.

Building the Kingdom through a posture of generosity – Mark Sayers (18/11/18 PM)

This week Mark unpacks how our world is built on a myth of scarcity. Steven Covey says, “Most people are deeply scripted in what I call the Scarcity Mentality. They see life as having only so much, as though they were only one pie out there”.

The Bible, however, says in 2 Corinthians 9 that God is able to bless us abundantly. Mark invites us to take a posture of generosity in all areas of our lives, as a response to the abundant riches we are gifted. These Kingdom riches are to be shared so that others can experience God’s inexhaustible abundance.

How God uses tests to set out lives on what is above – Mark Sayers (11/11/18 PM)

This week Mark highlights that the contemporary culture directs us to avoid trails and tests in our lives. However as James 1: 2-4 teaches us we are to find joy through the perseverance of these trials as it builds and shapes our character to be more like Jesus.

How do I know God’s will for my life? – Rev Joel Edwards (28/10/18 PM)

Being adopted into a new family – Dr. Krish Kandish (28/10/18 AM)

Realigning ourselves to The Way – Bjorn Irani (21/10/18 – PM)

This week Bjorn shows that we can be a few degrees off, and calls us to realign ourselves with Jesus.  Camping out in the Gospel of John we see that Jesus clears the temple to show us that He is The Way, The Truth, and The Life.

Building a Remnant of Faithful Hungry People – Mark Sayers (14/10/18 – PM)

Building a Remnant in an Age of Commitment Phobia – Mark Sayers (07/10/18 AM)

Trust. An old message for a New Day – Sarah Deutscher (29/09/18 AM)

In this message, Sarah unpacks Proverbs 3:5-8 and shows us how there are two ways to live; depending on God or depending on self. She invites us afresh to trust God, to cry out to Him and to run away from evil.

Recent Sermons

Renewing your purpose and promise through God’s Presence – Mark Sayers (09/09/18 – PM)

Donald G. Mostrom says “We are healthy in the deepest and widest sense of that word, only if we are in fellowship with our God. Like an intricate machine designed for a particular use, but used for something else, we break down in a variety of ways when not functioning with God.” This week Mark speaks about renewing our purpose and promise through fellowship with God and through His presence in our lives.

Tale of Two Cities – Terry Walling (19/08/18 PM)

The Prize of surrender is revelation. At our PM Service, Terry Walling speaks of how sometimes it’s hard to be honest with ourselves. He speaks of how there are two ways of doing life and asks us whether we have the courage to join God in the work that He wants to do in each of us.

Love Like Waves: Destroying the Authority Attached to Chaos – Sarah Deutscher (12/08/18 PM)

This week Sarah Deutscher gives us a diagnosis of how we’ve ended up as a generation with a worldview based on Individualism and Secular Humanism. How the two combined have shaped and formed us to think that we’re on the throne,  that we can flourish without God. Yet, there is a tremendous chaos within us and unprecedented levels of anxiety more than ever before. Sarah shares from Haggai 1: 2-6 and like the Israelites, we need a new vision, understanding and definition of who God is. That is is through sanctification, He wants to bring newness into your life, returning your trust to the Holy King.

Love Like Waves: From Lost to a Renewed Generation – Mark Sayers (05/08/18 PM)

We’ve hit a pivotal moment in our Mid-East PM Service, sensing the Lord asking us to push into a breakthrough moment – feeling that His love is coming like a powerful wave; to cleanse, heal and refine us. This week, Mark kicks-off this sermon series for our 5 PM Service about moving from a lost generation to a renewed generation.

Teaching for AM Service

Listen to the sermon below, or click the Red logo next to a sermon to download it.

Courage and Obedience to the Tune of David – Sarah Deutscher (23/09/19 AM)

In this podcast Sarah takes us through the book of 1 Samuel, inviting us to see life and faith through the lens of David. Whilst this sounds nice and biblical of us, all too often we posture ourselves like Saul living lives shaped by fear. Whilst this is the human default it costs us the new beginnings that God is wanting us to enter. The Church in the west is in a threshold moment and 1 Samuel gives us vital lessons on how to enter and embrace what God is inviting us into.

Contending through Conversations – Ryan Wallis (16/09/18 AM)

This week, as we wrap up our sermon series: New Wine/Contending for Renewal, Ryan speaks about contending through our conversations and how the basis of our conversation with God will lead you to conversations with others.

Contending Prayer – Trudi Sayers (09/09/18 AM)

At our Mid-East AM Service, Trudi Sayers shares a story of two elderly women from a small island north of Scotland faithfully prayed for God’s glory to be filled in their village and through their faithfulness, God spoke.  As they gathered their minister and patrons, they committed to contending in prayer twice a week from 10:00 pm to 3:00 am. This resulted in one of the biggest revivals where people encountered the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit, to which people in across the Isle, in fields, fishing boats cried out to God to save them. Through this inspiring story, Trudi shares on what contending prayer looks like and encourages us to be contending for our church, city and nation.

When the Heart is Transformed, the Head Follow – Bjorn Irani (02/09/18 AM)

At our Mid-East AM service, we are week 2 into our new sermon series: New Wine/ Contending for Renewal. If we are to contend for renewal, we are contending for transformation. Bjorn Irani speaks about when we contend and create a space for God to transform our hearts in all areas of our lives the head follows, enabling us to have a deeper knowledge of God’s work in our lives.

New Wine: Contending for Renewal – Mark Sayers (25/08/18 AM)

John 15:5 says ” I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me, you can do nothing. At our Mid-East AM Service Mark kicks off a new sermon series: New Wine – Contending for Renewal. He calls us to move from consuming to contending and teaches us five ways to do this.

Gone Fishing – Terry Walling (19/08/18 AM)

This week at our combined Mid-East and Outer East AM Service, we had the privilege of hearing from Terry Walling. Sharing from John 21:1, he asks “what do you need to go on with Jesus?”. God wants to take you forward – the question is do you trust Him to take you to a place you’ve never been before?

Relinquishing Your Throne to the King – Ryan Wallis (12/05/18 AM)

In the wrap-up to The Living Presence Sermon Series, Ryan asks: who sits on the throne of your life? Wisdom comes from God, not man and we only find richness in walking the kingdom life through an unrelenting submission to the will of God.

The Master and His Apprentice – Bjorn Irani (05/08/18 AM)

How do we live a kingdom life when we aren’t socially conditioned for kingdom living? This week, Bjorn recognises that we aren’t meant to do this alone.  He shares some disciplines highlighted in one of his favourite movies in the art of mentoring and discipleship.

Reflecting the image of our Creator – Brittany White (29/07/18 PM)

This week, Brittany White speaks from Colossians 3:1-10 of how we are raised inChrist, not of earthly things. That when we put to death our earthly nature, we put on our new self, made in the image of the creator.

How God uses Our Past to Shape our Future – Mark & Trudi Sayers (22/07/18 PM)

Pete Greig says “God sometimes identifies something in our history that He wants to release in your destiny”. In week 2 of our new sermon series: Walking the Kingdom Life, Mark and Trudi Sayers speak about how God is at work in His Kingdom and how He is at work in your life. We hear some insights from how God has been doing this in Trudi’s life in their recent travels to Ireland.

Walking the Kingdom: Hearing the voice of the King – Mark Sayers (15/07/18 PM)

Many say they want to encounter the kingdom of God, but find ourselves lost at sea not being able to recognize the voice of God. As we kick-off our new sermon series: Walking the Kingdom Life, Mark takes us through five practical ways of learning to listen to the voice of the King.



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