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It’s our prayer that these supplement, rather than replace, your presence in your own local church and your submission to the leaders that God has placed around you for your spiritual growth.

Current Series

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Gathering vs Scattering – Ryan Wallis (14/01/18)

This week, Red Apprentice Minister, Ryan Wallis shares from Matthew 12:22-30.  As followers of  Jesus, there’s no neutral ground and we need to decide if we gather or scatter.  Ryan speaks from his own personal experience and encourages us to lean into those who “gather” around us.

The Work of The Spirit within Us – Brittany White (07/01/18)

Brittany speaks about the gift of the Holy Spirit and how He works in our lives.

A Glorious Shock – Mark Sayers (17/12/17)

We lose something when Christmas becomes familiar and we are distracted from its true meaning. As we continue Advent, we are reminded of the glorious shock of the Christmas story about a baby coming into the world when least expected.

The Magi and Our Modern Moral Order – Mark Sayers (10/12/17)

As Mark launches our final Follow Me series – I Am Here, Follow Me celebrating Advent; we take a look at how the Magi, in obedience to the Holy Spirit, followed a star to Jerusalem in search a King, fulfilling the promise of the Day of the Lord and challenging the moral order of their time. As we live in a culture of competing moral orders we are challenged to be a people who bow our knee to Jesus, the King who has a different moral order to what our culture tells us.

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