The Church Beyond: From the empty grave to the ends of the earth

(April 3 – May 1 2016)


In this series we follow on from Easter, continuing the story in the book of Acts. As we look at the early church beyond Jesus’ ministry on earth, we also look at our church today, and how God is calling us beyond ourselves, beyond our borders, and beyond what we thought we knew of His Kingdom.

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The Church Beyond 5: Towards Maturity (Mark Sayers) – Sunday 01/05/15 Sermon Notes

In the final message in the Church Beyond series, Mark looks at how the apostle Paul led new churches in being dependent on Christ rather than on the apostles that started them. As Christians today we are called to maturity and a ‘bias toward action’ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Church Beyond 4: Beyond Expectations (Mark Sayers) – Sunday 24/04/16 Sermon Notes

This week we look at the Church in Antioch (Acts 11) and how God moves his people and his church into unchartered territory, using unlikely people.

The Church Beyond 3: Right Search, Wrong Answers (Mark Sayers) – Sunday 17/04/16 Sermon Notes

We continue our series in Acts by looking at chapter 17, when the Apostle Paul visits Athens. In his interactions with the philosophers, we see a society overwhelmed by a search for a God that they don’t know – all too reflective of the society the Western church finds itself in today.

The Church Beyond 2: Beyond the Early Church (Mark Sayers) – Sunday 10/04/16 Sermon Notes

This week we look at the Church beyond the early church as described in Acts 2. We often ask, ‘how do we get back to that?’, seeing it as an idyllic picture of church community – but we also need to ask, ‘how do we move forward from that?’ as God’s message continues to go out to the ends of the earth.

The Church Beyond 1: Cross, Kingdom & Power (Mark Sayers) – Sunday 03/04/16 Sermon Notes

Jesus commissions his disciples into their new role as apostles: sent ones. The church today is called to resist the temptation that the disciples had – an inward vision – and join God as His kingdom goes outwards in the power of the Holy Spirit.