What are Triads at Red Church?

Triads are an easy, adaptable and fruitful way of gathering together and growing as believers. They are centred around regular and active engagement with the living Word of God while building intentional relationships with two other disciples of Jesus. Meetings are based around a simple process of reading a passage of Scripture, noting what it is saying and prompting an obedient response. Triads also allow an opportunity to minister to each other through prayer, encouragement and accountability. Meetings are designed to be small in number and short in length, keeping things focused and allowing for deeper growth. Whilst the time and setting is flexible (Skype, lunch-breaks, evening gatherings or before Church) there are some core components that ensure a productive and fruitful Triad meeting.

Check out the video below for this new season of contending for renewal in the context of our Triads as well as a digital copy of our latest resource to guide you through this season.

Contending Triads PDF

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