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The Vision 5: the City No Longer Deserted – Mark Sayers (Sunday 07/08/16) Sermon Notes

We wrap up our series in Ezra by looking ahead to the dedication of the city of Jerusalem in Nehemiah. God calls his people not just to rebuild the city for the sake of it, but so that it can fully function as it was intended to.

The Vision 4: Holy Discontent – Mark Sayers (Sunday 24/07/16) Sermon Notes

Mark continues our series in Ezra as we explore the next steps for Red Church. In a season involving a lot of logistics, God is calling us to a spiritual move into deep dependence and flourishing with him.

A Community of Witnesses – Mike Goheen (Sunday 17/07/16 PM)

In Isaiah chapters 41-48 we see an extended court case, where it is asked, Who is God? and Who can save? Visiting author and theologian Mike Goheen outlines the Lord’s case for being God alone, and looks at how He calls people to be His witnesses in this.

The Vision 3: Called to Flourish – Mark Sayers (Sunday 17/07/16 AM)

Mark continues our Vision series, looking at the Church’s call to flourish in a Godly and biblical way. This podcast is preceded with an announcement about the upcoming service location change (sermon begins at around 14 minutes in).

The Vision 2: Stepping into the Story – Mark Sayers (Sunday 10/07/16) Sermon Notes

This week Mark continues the series by looking at the theological vision of Red – that is, the story we find ourselves in. We look to the Bible to see how we fit into the plans and purposes of God, and what this means for how we live.

The Vision 1: Rebuilding the House of God – Mark Sayers (Sunday 03/07/16) Sermon Notes

Mark begins this series in Ezra and Jeremiah, looking at how God’s people began to rebuild and reestablish rhythms of worship after exile. With humanity in exile today, the Church cannot press pause when it gets to a comfortable position.